"On her tongue is the law of kindness..."

"On her tongue is the law of kindness..."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Q & A...

Who is your favorite fashionista :: i like women who dress clean, modern, and simple, but who are able to transmit a part of their personality through their clothing: Katie Holmes, Ashley Olsen, Milla Jovovich, Ginnifer Goodwin, Zooey Deschanel, Eva Mendes, Sarah Jessica Parker.

If you could come back as model, who would you be :: I'm not so much into models.

Junk food :: oh goodness, anything that's a dessert. or bread.

What are you most vain about :: I work hard at everything I do and I want to be the best at everything I do.

What are you most shy about :: I can be very reserved in getting to know others. I'm more of an observer - I'll watch how you treat others, speak to others, how you act when you don't think anyone else sees you - and then I'll decide whether I feel you are trustworthy enough to really get to know me. This isn't based on the idea that I don't trust others, I am just very careful about those I allow to have a place of influence or council in my life.

Who are your fantasy dinner-party guests :: Ann Shoket, Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert, Lisa Ling, Virginia Woolf. I would want to be surrounded by strong, intelligent women.

What can’t you travel without :: my phone. a camera. a journal. i would prefer a companion. hair defrizz serum from bumble and bumble.

Last book you read :: besides books required for school, the last book i read for myself was "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was amazed at her honesty and in her allowing readers to see a side of herself that most of us try to conceal.

At age seven, you wanted to be :: i wanted to be a hip-hop dancer and a singer. And yes, there are videos.

What will you never wear: I am short, 5'3 and there are certain things - capri pants, dresses or skirts that hit mid-calf - that just do not, and will never, look good on me.

What’s the thing you find easiest to forgive :: easiest to forgive is another's ignorance, miseducation, or an honest mistake.

What’s the thing you find impossible to forgive :: i don't think anything is impossible to forgive, it just may take a little longer.

What do you grab to wear when there is no time to think :: a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. it's my go-to.

Biggest self-indulgence :: Naturally, I have very thick, coarse, wavy hair, so it takes a lot of products and services to get my hair straight and shiny. besides that, my education takes a close second.

Whose diary would you most like to read :: that's tough. i am interested in the diary of virginia woolf. for her time, and in some cases even in the present, she wrote of such controversial issues and topics. i would love to read about the possible insecurities or fears she had in bringing forth such thought-provoking themes and why she chose to do so in a time when a writer was not an appropriate occupation for a woman.

What always goes into your suitcase when you travel :: i will be honest, my makeup/hair bag has so much more in it than my suitcase ever does. I have super high maintenance hair, so i take a lot of products, heating tools... it's ridiculous, really.

Least favorite food :: i most often dislike food on the basis of texture and not necessarily taste. onions and lettuce on anything other than a salad are pretty high up on my list.

Car :: my dream car would be a black range rover sport with black interior. or a black mercedes g-wagon.

When and where are you happiest :: when i'm surrounded by people or places i love. also, when i'm doing something i love.

What do you crave :: sugar. constantly. hook me up to an IV and let it pulse through my veins.

Most treasured possession :: my books, journals, and my collection of jewelry because every piece is sentimental in some way.

If you had another profession beside your own, what would it be :: my list seems endless and continually changes. my dream job is to be an editor or writer of a major magazine, as well as a number one author on the New York Times Bestseller list. Along with that, I have always wanted to be a painter, sculptor, musician, interior decorator.

What is your signature scent :: I have been wearing Diesel's "Fuel for Life" for a little over two years now and i'm in love with it. Before Diesel i wore Kenneth Cole's "Black."

Know what you believe and who you are.

Allow fear to dictate a decision in your life.

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