"On her tongue is the law of kindness..."

"On her tongue is the law of kindness..."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Life Lesson...

Sitting on my dvr was the "Master Class" episode on OWN featuring Maya Angelou. Maya's simplistic, encouraging, and compassionate view was captivating for me. She reminds me of a grandmother that everyone wishes to have, one that reminds me of my own, and one that has endless wisdom yet has gone through trials many of us could not imagine.
In the episode of Master Class, she states that all human beings are teachers, that "I am a teacher. I teach all the time. As you do, as you all do. Whether we know it or not, whether we take responsibility for it or not. I hold nothing back because I want to see that light go off. I like to hear someone say, "I've never thought of it like that before."
Regardless of who you are, where you live, who your parents are, what you do for a living, you are continually a teacher to those in your life, even those who you pass on your journey to visiting a friend or family member. You teach others with the words that you speak, your behavior and actions, and you are continually teaching. What does your life teach others? What are you able to learn from the lives of those around you?

You may not know, but I am a collector of quotes. I have journals and journals of my favorite quotes from movies, television shows, conversations, books, magazines, and other forms of literature. Here are some of my favorite "ah-ha" moments from the episode featuring Maya Angelou:

"You must be careful about the words you allow to be spoken around you and in your home."
Maya spoke about the power of words, including what jokes you speak and allow yo be spoken around you and your family,
what you speak in your home and around your loved ones, what you allow to be said about yourself in your presence, and
what you speak about yourself. She states that words have the ability to get inside of you and to fester and make a difference
and it is important to be aware of their power. I love this.

Some day we will be able to treasure the power of our words."

"You can only become great at what you're willing to sacrifice for."

"If I look at my life as a class, I've learned a few things. One being that I am a child of God... as are all others - and I am supposed to treat them accordingly.."

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