"On her tongue is the law of kindness..."

"On her tongue is the law of kindness..."

Friday, March 11, 2011

a little reflection...

I love progressive change. I love the feeling that you're evolving, growing, maturing, and becoming more of who you desire to be. I also love that when you're married you get to witness this not only in yourself, but in your spouse as well.
Change is necessary, it allows each individual to adjust, adapt, and to have the opportunity to grow. It also provides an opportunity to see a different and new side to the individual you thought you had seen it all from. I love that.
As newlyweds, we are experiencing alot of progressive change in our lives, which also means natural changes in the lives of our friends and family members as well. For our marriage, it is important for us to surround ourselves, our home, and our relationship with individuals who provide support and encouragement, who seek progressive change in their own lives, and who speak life into any and all situations. Those who don't have seemed to fall by the wayside; not intentionally, of course, but when you have a relationship as precious as a marriage, a relationship that will set the tone for your children (or future children) and their view of love, respect, commitment, and how a relationship should function, it is something that requires a high level of awareness and attention.
Sometimes the attention and awareness you activate in your lives will cause others around you to question and formulate their own opinions regarding the choices you have made. That's okay. It's important to remember that only you and your spouse are aware of all the intricacies that are involved in your lives, as well as you not being aware of all the intricacies that are involved in the choices and lives of others. It's best to make the choices that you deem best for you and your spouse and trust that others are doing the same.

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