"On her tongue is the law of kindness..."

"On her tongue is the law of kindness..."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

of marriage...

i went floral shopping with one of my best friends this past week and she mentioned to me how impressed she was at how laid-back i am within the wedding planning process. i should allow everyone to note that my type-a, highly oganized personality could easily make way for an unpleasant planning time for all those involved. my fiance has also mentioned how proud he is at my "laid-backness." with this information, i have come to a conclusion: the wedding is one day. i want to prepare myself for the marriage.
so many women find themselves idolizing a single day, a moment at their wedding that they wait and plan for during the length of their engagement. i can fully acknowledge my guilt in this statement, there have been many moments throughout the planning of the wedding where i have slowly found myself entering a process of thought where i placed my expectations, my needs, and my wishes far above those around me. it was in these moments that i had to remember that it doesn't matter. truly. in one month, in one year, in ten years, i won't remember everything that went wrong or whether or not i was able to find the "exact" shade of grey to perfectly match the invitations, but i will regret treating the people i love most in my life without the proper respect and care. and in this recognition, my attitude and my attention changes to allow the process of celebration be celebratory, not only for myself, for my soon-to-be husband, but for everyone involved.
here is the truth: on the day of your wedding something will happen that was not expected. you can place all your effort in the hope that it will not, but something will. with all of that said, when the wedding day is over and the honeymoon comes to an end, you will live out your daily lives with the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. have you prepared yourself for that? have you planned?
i want our wedding to be representative of the love we have for one another and a celebration with those who have helped us throughout our relationship by providing love, support, and encouragement. but, it is still just a day, and i am far more excited for the rest of our lives together.

In marriage, "if everything the two of you put your hand to prospers, the enemy will try everything he can to cause disagreement and division." - pastor bill

"you don't get positive results with negative motivation. responses that are rewarded will be repeated. " - pastor bill

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